Counter Terror

Organising events is a stressful procedure on its own. Add in to that the concern of a potential terror threat and it is a burden that no one wants. Mainly applied to high-risk events within City Centre’s or an area with high footfall, you need a solution that will stop a vehicle in its tracks.


Blocks, blocks and more blocks

Mahood Marquees have a huge number of 500kg, 1100kg, 2200kg & 2400kg concrete blocks available to hire. These can be used as a security perimeter of your event, providing an additional deterrent to any vehicles that may wish to cause harm. Our concrete blocks can be fully customised to match the theme of your event, they can be used as tables, chairs, flower beds and even props. But above all, if a risk was posed. You will have an additional line of defence for you and your visitors.

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