Weddings & Parties 6

Weddings & Parties

When you are planning your dream wedding, celebration or party. You need peace of mind knowing that everything will run smoothly and on time as planned. Mahood Marquees…

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Retail & Merchandise 1

Retail & Merchandise

Whatever retail or merchandise structure you require, on whatever terrain. Mahood Marquees has the ideal solution for your pop-up shop. Whether you require something on a semi permanent…

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Warehousing & Storage 1

Warehousing & Storage

Mahood Marquees have supplied a vast amount of structures to a variety of industries, providing them with additional space during expansions or festive periods to continue to meet…

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Shows & Festivals 1

Shows & Festivals

Mahood Marquees have unrivalled experience in the delivery of large and small scale events. Whether this be music festivals, agricultural/county shows or food/flower festivals. We have the experience…

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Exhibitions & Trade Shows 10

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Mahood Marquees are well known in supplying solutions for Exhibitions & Trade Shows all year round. Whether your event is to be situated indoors or outdoors, partitioned to…

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Sports & Competitions 2

Sports & Competitions

Mahood Marquees have been supplying structures to sporting competitions since the day we were founded. From hospitality suites, to large scale horse racing & golf competitions, we have…

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Film & TV Location 5

Film & TV Location

Mahood Marquees are aware of the demands in the ever moving and changing film & tv industry. Being one of the leading suppliers, we have the capacity to…

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Corporate & Product Launches 15

Corporate & Product Launches

When planning a corporate event or product launch, it is guaranteed that you will encounter challenges.  Especially if working at sensitive sites such as historic / listed venues…

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Christmas, Ice Rinks & Ice Sculpture Experiences 11

Christmas, Ice Rinks & Ice Sculpture Experiences

After all, It is the most wonderful time of the year. And ensuring you have the most wonderful and appropriate structure is of the upmost importance! Mahood Marquees…

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Restaurants & Hospitality 1

Restaurants & Hospitality

Creating the ideal environment for your restaurant or corporate hospitality structure, means delivering an unforgettable experience that reflects your company values, brand and in return has your customers…

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Custom & Bespoke 1Custom & Bespoke 1

Custom & Bespoke

With our in-house manufacturing department, we can make our structures truly be-spoke to your event. Mahood Marquees can brand and select the materials to match your events colour.…

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Conference & Graduations 1

Conference & Graduation

The organisation of multiple graduation events can be a busy and stressful process for universities, colleges and schools nationwide. Especially when there is a lack of space and…

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Emergency Response 1

Emergency Response

No one wants there to be an emergency, but unfortunately, they occur daily. Mahood Marquees are equipped and prepared to dispatch structures for a variety of purposes and…

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2400kg Concrete Blocks 3

Counter Terror

Organising events is a stressful procedure on its own. Add in to that the concern of a potential terror threat and it is a burden that no one…

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