Our cassette flooring system is designed for accuracy, high load bearing capacity and simple handling for efficiency.

The system has been developed to meet the high demand of events in the 21st Century. Enabling any structure to be built on any terrain and still be completely level. This opens a huge array of solutions that many challenging locations can provide. The high load bearing also ensures that it is suitable for Ice Rinks, Car Shows, Ice Sculptures or for a standard private event. The cassette flooring system is the premium flooring option within the industry.


Interlocking Ply Flooring System

Often overlooked as the inferior flooring solution, but it has withstood the challenge of time. More cost effective than the cassette flooring system, ideal for laying directly onto a flat surface or for a cheap solution for those projects that have a limited budget.

Both flooring systems can be finished with a variety of carpets, laminate, astro-turf or vinyl.

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